Celebrate the Small Victories-OCD

Many people say “I think I have OCD because I can’t stand having my house a mess” Or “I must I have OCD because stand the way my coworkers do things”  Some of these people may have OCD. However I find some people don’t fully understand what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder entails. It’s not just the outward compulsions eg hand washing, checking the doors, and reorganizing the work space.  There’s also a mental aspect to it there’s normally a reason even if we don’t know it to the compulsions. We have anxiety built up around these compulsions and when we don’t do them our mind freaks out a bit.

Part of my treatment plan is to find compulsions that are low on my anxiety that we can stop doing or try to reworking. My compulsions is….LAUGH IF YOU WANT TO (I DO!)…using Whit-Out on my To-Lists and rough drafts. Things that NO ONE is going to see! LOL!

I get how silly that sounds! I just can’t stand seeing the mistake. However it’s manageable anxiety that I can rationalize  with affirmations like “No one is going to see this. You are going to throw this away when you’re done.” And YES I repeat this if I have to while writing my list or draft, but it has been working. I am also on medication which helps with the anxiety but that’s a different blog for a different day.

Picture of my victory!!! Cafe-No Whiteout