About Me

Hello there!

I am working on this blog to be an navigate my world. This is completely new to me and want to share it to the world around me. This a little scary to me but seems like it’s something that isn’t always talked about. I am pansexual and polyamorous. I want to be able to share my examples and help those who are in similar situations as me know they aren’t alone. Please know that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and that I am reading books, blogs and learning by trial and error. Please share your stories and comments with me. We can learn together.

Secondly even though just by looking at me, you wouldn’t think that I have the mental and physical medical conditions that I do. This is why I’ve felt the need to start this blog. I think it’s time to get an honest and humorous voice out there for young adults out there. We’re so often thought of as ‘invincible’ and part of that’s because we ourselves thing that. Heck, I still think that I am and I know that I’m not.

I want this blog to inspirational to people who have bad days or have medical conditions. I also want people who lead fairly wonderful lives to still get a kick out of it and get encouragement. My dream is also that you the reader email me through here or comment and that it’s interactive! Dealing with live alone is not how we were designed. My friend told me a really great piece of advise that our Pastor told her. We are all made with pieces missing so that we can find friends, families, and supportive people to become whole. We were never meant to do life alone. I hope that by writing this blog I can let even one person know that he or she is not alone in their struggles.


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