The Politics of Language

How do we know what we know is true? Or valid? Academic institutions deal exactly with this sort of question. The academy is not only a place for learning and accreditation, but more importantly a place for contention. This is the case especially with the question of sex and gender. University of Toronto historian Nick Matte stated that the idea of ‘biological sex” is a “very popular misconception.” Here, Nick Matte uses his scientific expertise in support of this claim (Bradford)

Peterson, on the other hand, uses his position as an academic to maintain an essentialist view of gender aligning with one’s biological sex (one you are born with). Therefore, when one identifies as transsexual, he recognizes their dissatisfaction with their bodies to the extent that they must dress the part.

“If the standard transsexual person wants to be regarded as he or she, my sense is I’ll…

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